Saturday, August 23, 2008

New or Old Media?

As a rule I will avoid politics on this blog. Not because I don't have political thoughts (because, boy howdy, I do) but because I'm more interested in ranting about stuff that's demonstrably dumb regardless of political viewpoint. (Since it's my rule, I will violate it when I see fit, such as with the post about teachers carrying guns.)

Having said that...I signed up on Barack Obama's website a few days ago to get the text message about his pick for the VP candidate, not because I'm an Obama fanboy (or hater) but because I liked the idea of an announcement being made this way. For good or ill Obama has made a big deal out of being a new-technology candidate, and this seemed to fit.

Well, it's Saturday afternoon, and not only has the announcement been made but the pundits are already wagging about the merits of the choice.

My phone, meanwhile, is silent. Swing and a miss, President Tech!

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